Free online sessions

Just a quick note letting everyone knows that I’m offering different free online sessions these days. However these might change so the best is for you to contact me if you are interested then I’ll send you the link to join.

Currently I’m offering

Mandala drawing meditation workshop every Wednesday 8:15pm-9:30pm UK time

Every Friday 30mins meditation session. This coming Friday 3rd April would be Tea/Fruit/Chocolate contemplation again 8:15pm-9:30pm UK time

Thursday evening & Sunday day time you can also tune in to my broadcast online for a gong bath. I’ll update the exact time soon.

Stay safe and keep well everyone xx

Evening Meditation Session

I’ve been teaching meditation at the Malmesbury Chiropractic Clinic for eight months now. Instead of using the word ‘teach’, I think ‘share’ is more appropriate. I am really grateful to have this opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with a group of friendly and lovely people. Seeing everyone enjoys the sessions (without falling asleep!), knowing that they gain something out of the sessions and practice at home is my best reward. Every week I feel the energy within the group growing stronger and stronger; people getting more and more relaxed. These are the positivity that we would like to see and achieve.

As I received quite a number of requests asking about evening session, I’m planning to start an evening group every Thursday from January 2015 in Brinkworth. Please let me know if you are interested and do book in advance as I’m  trying to keep the group as small as possible. Besides, I am also practising with Gong now, so participants would have a chance to experience a 10 – 15 mins gong meditation which will be included in the program.

~Blessings from Blossoms Meditation~

Homemade fragrance water

This looks like a summer drink but it’s actually my homemade fragrance water. It’s chemical-free, essential oil-free, and just any ingredients you can find in your kitchen. These are what I put in the jar: lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and dried rose petal which we use for tea (not too much petals as it will cover the smell of the refreshing lemon) You can also try with anything you can find in your kitchen e.g. orange, ginger, cloves, vanilla extract, etc, etc. I don’t suggest using garlic though 

There are few ways to fill your room with the aroma.

1. Use it in a little fondue pot with a small candle, or, instead of essential oil, use it on an oil burner. Fondue pot is better as it holds more water and ingredients.

2. Boil all ingredients together (you will be filling your kitchen with the aroma in this process!), wait it cool off a bit and pour slowly into a jar (be careful of the hot water!) The jar may break if it can’t stand the high temperature.

3. Put the jar (or any container that can stand the heat) on the radiator. It also helps to humidify your room. This is what I do to keep the aroma going. I don’t usually turn my radiators to high temperature so please be extra careful.

Next time, I’ll probably take a sip before using it as home fragrance!!


The Star is just there!

Hello my dear friends. How are you? A lot of things going on around me and the cold rainy days were not helping much. However I believe that we will see the bright Star very soon. Let’s look forward to the beautiful stars instead of the narrow dark passage behind us. Breath in the light, stay calm and move forward. The Star is just one step ahead! Lots of Blessings x


Tarot of Quotes © Christiane Hayes

Why can’t I meditate??

Someone told me he could not meditate. He said that he never got into that ‘meditative state’ after one year practice. My advice is, forget about you are trying to meditate! Remember the reason to meditate is because you want to have some quiet moment for yourself. Try to focus on your breath, relax and enjoy the moment. It’s fine if other thoughts come along. Even very experienced meditators will have the same issue. The only different is that they will bring back their focus on the their breath and they don’t force themselves to meditate. Just live in the moment.

Migraine headache & Meditation

Happy New Year to Everyone!

After all the festive celebrations, my migraine kicked in again. I believe many of you have migraine or headache and sometimes it’s so irritating that even medicine couldn’t help. Though I am always a meditator, I never thought of using meditation to ease my migraine until one or two years ago. Since I realized meditation works on migraine, I’ve been doing this when I felt that the migraine is going to kick in. Even NHS suggested relaxation exercise is good for easing headache  (

I usually start with a breathing exercise then a visualization/imagery exercise. Every time when I breathe in, I imagine I’m breathing in a healing light ray, then I hold my breath, let the light ray get to where I feel pain. When I breathe out, I imagine the pain as black cloud which leaves my body with my breath, and I repeat this until I feel better.

The whole exercise lasts about 15 – 30 minutes, depends on how serious was my headache. It doesn’t cure my migraine but works better than the Ibuprofen on me. Hope this may help some of you too!

Mercury retrograde!

I don’t know much about astrology but seems that Mercury retrograde a couple of time every years (or more?). Instead of panicking or worrying, why don’t we make use of this period for a bit of ‘Me’ time, to send love to ourselves and be calm? Let’s give ourselves 15-20 minutes to practise below exercise.

Let’s sit comfortably on your chair, both feet on the ground.
Gently close your eyes.
Now focus on your breathe, when you are breathing in, say to yourself in your mind, ‘My mind be still’. When you are breathing out, visualise your worries as a black cloud which flows out of your body with your breathe.
Repeat this at least three times or when you feel enough.
Then change the phrase to ‘I am calm’ instead.
When you breath out, imagine a calming light ray follow your breath to embrace your body.
Repeat this at least three times again and change to something which is suitable for yourself. E.g. ‘I’m strong’, ‘I’m at peace’, ‘I’m blessed’ or even ‘I love you’ (to send love to yourself).
When you are using your own mantra, choose a colour that you like to represent it, and embrace yourself into it.

No matter how Mercury affects us, I hope this exercise would give you some cheerful energy! All the best to everyone 🙂