I started practising meditation when I was very young. Meditation is a tool for me to get in touch with my inner self and to understand myself on a subconscious level. Throughout these years, I’ve learnt more about meditation through different channels. Meditation has become a part of my life and it improves my well being in many ways. I become more confidence, calmer and more positive when faced with challenges. I also meditate to ease my  physical pain. That’s how I started Blossoms Meditation; and I wish to share with you the benefit of meditation.

I am a certified Meditation Teacher accredited by the British School of Meditation and a Gong Practitioner registered with the College of Sound Healing. You may find more information on sound healing on the Gong Bath page. I am running regular classes on various meditation techniques as well as offering Gong Bath in Swindon, Chippenham and various locations. Please see the Service page for details.


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