Hi! I’m Tammy. I started practising meditation when I was very young. I found meditation as a tool for me to get in touch with my inner self and to understand myself more in the beginning. Throughout these years, I know more and more about meditation through different channels. Meditation has become a part of my life and it improves my well being in many ways. I become more confidence, calmer and more positive when faced with challenges. I also meditate to ease my headache and other physical pain. That’s why I started Blossoms Meditation and I wish to share with you the benefit of meditation.

I studied the Diploma of Meditation Teacher at the British School of Meditation (BSoM) in 2013 and am a certified Meditation Teacher accredited by the BSoM. I am also a graduated Gong Practitioner from the College of Sound Healing. As I started to run meditation classes, I realised a lot of people thought they could not meditate, which made me think how I could help more people to experience the benefit of meditation. This was when I came across sound healing with gong. No matter how busy our mind is, the sound of the gong can calm us immediately. (Please read more about the gong on the Gong Bath page). Now I am running regular classes on various meditation techniques as well as offering Gong Bath in Swindon and Chippenham. Please see the Service page for details.

May you bloom like a flower.


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